Virginia Tech – Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

Consistent with the mission of the university, Virginia Tech will provide cyberinfrastructure resources, tools, and services to enable the university community to create, convey, and apply knowledge to expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster research competitiveness, and improve quality of life.

Virginia Tech will create, deploy, and evolve a comprehensive portfolio of cyberinfrastructure resources and programs to enable computational and data-intensive science and engineering, research, and learning across all disciplines of the university.

The term “cyberinfrastructure” refers to technology-based resources, tools, and services essential to the conduct of 21st century science and engineering research and education. Examples include high performance computing, storage systems, visualization tools, high performance networks, data repositories, and software tools among other resources. As a STEM-focused research university, strategic investment in advanced cyberinfrastructure is crucial to Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech’s long range plan recognizes that advanced computing – data-intensive, high-performance, and highly networked – is “crucial to facilitating advanced research” in areas of priority for Virginia Tech. The university Information Technology Strategic Plan identifies the objective of “Poviding Competitive Advantage through Sustainable Advanced Cyberinfrastructure and Collaboration” as one of the four focus areas for investment and development.

University investments in high performance computing and related infrastructure and support are guided by strategic evaluation and recommendations of a presidentially appointed High Performance Computing Investment Committee. The committee is comprised of senior level academic stakeholders chaired by the Vice President for Information Technology.