Practices and Policy

ESnet has assembled a collection of policy-related advice on how to administer a Science DMZ.

Science DMZ Users

This page covers a number of important issues when creating a Science DMZ, such as identification of users, determining what resources are connected, and policies governing the maintenance and upkeep of connected resources.

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Usage Policy

This page covers policy related questions surrounding access to and storage of data in a Science DMZ.   Read More

Risk Analysis

This page covers the topic of risk analysis of the types of applications running in a Science DMZ.

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Drafting User Policy

This page covers the topics that should be considered when
drafting policy regarding onboarding and acceptable use of the Science DMZ.
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Sensitive Data Environments

This page covers the topic of storing sensitive data such as PHI data on a Science DMZ.
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Managing External Networking

This page addresses the question of how to manage routing in a Science DMZ environment.
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