Sample Campus & Regional Cyberinfrastructure Plans

The following are examples of both campus or regional cyberinfrastructure plans from facilities around the U.S.  Each plan was submitted as part of a proposal to National Science Foundation's Campus Cyberinfrastructure programs (CC-IIE, CC-NIE, CC-DNI, and CC*). These materials are provided as examples for universities and institutions looking to develop their own campus CI plans, strategies and architectures to support research, education, and discovery.

Older CI plans, submitted prior to 2016, can be found on the Historic CI Plan page.  



Where to Start - Creating a CyberInfrastructure Plan

Strategic planning is an important component of the technology lifecycle for a campus or regional network. The goals of this activity should be to highlight current technology capabilities, planned upgrades to reach critical milestones to support R&E activities, and enumerate projects that will directly address challenges facing the institution in the future. The entire information technology…  Read More


University of Oklahoma Cyberinfrastructure Plan - 2022

Cyberinfrastructure Plan: University of Oklahoma and OneNet 1. University of Oklahoma Cyberinfrastructure Plan 1.1. OneOklahoma Friction Free Network (OFFN) at OU The OneOklahoma Friction Free Network (OFFN, see Figs. 1, 2) was established by OU’s first NSF CC* grant in 2013, and thanks to further grants will soon cover 20 campuses statewide. OFFN involves active collaboration between OU and…  Read More


American Museum of Natural History Cyberinfrastructure Plan - 2022

Cyberinfrastructure Plan: The American Museum of Natural History  IntroductionThe American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is uniquely positioned at the nexus of research, education, and public outreach. Our mission to “discover, interpret, and disseminate, through scientific research and education, knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe” defines our collective…  Read More


University of Nebraska Cyberinfrastructure Plan - 2022

IntroductionThe University of Nebraska (NU) recognizes the increasing demands for Cyberinfrastructure (CI) to support growth in research collaboration, computation, and storage.  This Cyberinfrastructure plan outlines a set of CI initiatives within the Information Technology Services (NU-ITS) division.  These initiatives support the increasing demands and align with divisional, campus, and…  Read More


Indiana University Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

Indiana University’s plans for cyberinfrastructure have been guided since 1998 by two university-wide information technology strategic plans, the first endorsed by the Trustees of Indiana University in 1998, succeeded by a new plan endorsed by the Trustees in 2008. The first strategic plan, subtitled “Architecture for the 21st Century”, primarily focused on correctly implementing various…  Read More


Villanova University – Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

The Villanova University (VU) 2020-2030 Strategic Plan [1] highlights the commitment to advance research and student engagement with scholarship activities. The strategic plan includes investments in research infrastructure that will improve administrative support and research computing services. This Villanova Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Plan further supports the research goals of the…  Read More

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Virginia Tech – Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

Consistent with the mission of the university, Virginia Tech will provide cyberinfrastructure resources, tools, and services to enable the university community to create, convey, and apply knowledge to expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster research competitiveness, and improve quality of life.Virginia Tech will create, deploy, and evolve a…  Read More


University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

The purpose of this Cyberinfrastructure Plan (CI Plan) is to document the current capabilities, strategy and plans for cyberinfrastructure at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). The CI Plan is a required document for responses to certain National Science Foundation solicitations. Moreover creating, implementing and updating cyberinfrastructure plans are critical to…  Read More

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Kansas Research and Education Network – Regional CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

KanREN, Inc. is a Kansas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides research connectivity, security, education, and engagement services throughout the state. In 1992 a consortium of 35 Kansas higher education institutions led by the University of Kansas and the other Regents Universities established an organization to facilitate the design, assembly, and management of a network that…  Read More

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Arkansas Research Educational Optical Network – Regional CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

The Arkansas Research Educational Optical Network (ARE-ON) is a regional education network (REN) that connects its member institutions to the internet, Internet2, commercial cloud providers, and other research and educational networks. The mission of ARE-ON is to promote, develop, and apply advanced application and communication technologies to support and enhance education, research, public…  Read More


NC Regional Science DMZ CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

The NCShareDMZ project is developed and designed to provide new and improved Cyberinfrastructure resources for lesser funded Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) in North Carolina. A unique partnership, consisting of Duke University, MCNC, NC Central University (NCCU) and Davidson College (Davidson), was formed with a planning collaboration funded through the NSF funded “CC* Planning: NC…  Read More

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Clarkson University Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021

The Clarkson Cyberinfrastructure Plan is based on the OIT Strategic Plan document and the Clarkson@125 (University strategic plan) document and revised by input and needs identified in the 2017 Strategic Research Plan. This plan outlines specific steps that should be taken to effectively support the research computing needs at Clarkson. It is important for the strategy of the Office of…  Read More

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University of Nevada Reno Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

Vision: Cyberinfrastructure as the key to research accelerationThe University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), the land-grant institution in the State of Nevada, attracts over $100M annually in sponsored research projects and was recently ranked as a Carnegie Highest Activity (R1) Research University where significant student participation in research drives next-generation workforce development. Essential…  Read More

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Florida International University Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2021-2024

This document presents a strategic direction and an action plan for cyberinfrastructure technology for the next three years (2021 – 2024) for the Division of Information Technology at Florida International University (FIU). The plan represents the strategic priorities necessary to guide the Division and the university in its deployment of cyberinfrastructure technologies and practices in the…  Read More

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Arcadia University Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

Information Technology (IT) at Arcadia University provides services to faculty, staff, and students across two schools and 3 colleges including Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, Education, Global Business, and Global Studies. Additionally, a large study abroad program is offered through its College of Global Studies that operates in 13 countries.Arcadia’s main campus location is located in…  Read More

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University of Cincinnati Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

The University of Cincinnati has a robust enterprise network that provides network services for greater than 45,000 faculty, staff, and students across several campuses, however, the demand for shared computing power, ever-increasing data volumes, and higher network capacities are all on exponential growth paths. To address the changing needs of the academic and research communities, this plan…  Read More

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North Carolina at Greensboro Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2019

 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro recognizes an increasing need for CyberInfrastructure (CI) capabilities to support growing scientific research computational and data storage needs. This CyberInfrastructure plan outlines the set of CI initiatives for the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) division to support these growing needs in alignment with both divisional…  Read More


Franklin & Marshall College Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2019

  F&M has, year over year, matured its approach and available resources in support of campus researchers. This work is highlighted as a priority in the College’s most recent strategic plan. Examples of this maturation include:  creation of F&M’s first-ever Faculty Center in 2014 with support from the Mellon Foundation development of a professional College Grants Office, which…  Read More


Montana State University Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2016

Montana State University Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan  Montana State University, the land-grant university for the State of Montana, is developing and deploying a data-centric cyberinfrastructure (CI) emphasizing digital scholarship in support of the institution’s learning, research, and outreach missions. Montana State University is a Carnegie RU/VH classified institution attracting over…  Read More


University of New Hampshire Cyberinfrastructure Plan - 2008 to 2018

Executive SummaryUNH implemented its first 10-year CI Plan in 2008. Inspired in part by the 2007 NSF EPSCoR Cyberinfrastructure Workshop, which highlighted northern New England as the “black hole of connectivity”, and informed by and integrated with the vision and plans of the NH Governor’s Telecommunications Advisory Board (TAB), the State Director of Broadband Technology (NH Division of…  Read More