University of Nevada Reno Campus CyberInfrastructure Plan - 2020

Vision: Cyberinfrastructure as the key to research acceleration

The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), the land-grant institution in the State of Nevada, attracts over $100M annually in sponsored research projects and was recently ranked as a Carnegie Highest Activity (R1) Research University where significant student participation in research drives next-generation workforce development. Essential to this status is coordinated implementation of a cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure that enables institutional success and accelerates the research process.

Advances in technology have shifted the global research paradigm from reliance on individual experience to the need to generate and access large datasets, perform advanced analytics, and produce unique outputs across interdisciplinary teams within and outside institutions. Success in research going forward depends entirely on the efficiencies of data movement, processing, and management – which all require coordinated cyberinfrastructure, expert technology facilitation personnel, and sustainable institutional investment.

Faculty members, staff, and students at UNR perform internationally recognized research in diverse fields such as materials engineering, wildfire, biotechnology, neuroscience, intelligent systems, climate, and water resources. In order for these and other research efforts at the University to maintain the highest standards of scholarship, increase in scale and efficiency, and lead in scientific discovery, the expertise, tools, and capacity of a robust and well-designed cyberinfrastructure (CI) remain essential.