ESnet Fasterdata Knowledge Base

An Expert Guide for End-to-End Performance Tuning, Tools and Techniques
Linux Tuning

General approach and more specific info on TCP, UDP, NIC, and VM tuning.

Science DMZ

The Science DMZ is a network design pattern for any infrastructure.

Network Tuning

Fix issues with TCP, firewalls, routers, switches, and more.

Network Expectations

Information about benchmarks for networks and data transfer speeds.

The Fasterdata Knowledge Base provides proven, operationally sound methods for troubleshooting and solving performance issues. For over 25 years, ESnet has operated an advanced research network with the goal of enabling the highest levels of performance for the Department of Energy (DOE) scientific community. During this time, our engineers have identified a common set of issues that hinder performance and we would like to share our experiences and findings in this knowledge base. Our solutions fall into five categories:

  • Network Architecture, including the Science DMZ model
  • Host Tuning
  • Network Tuning
  • Data Transfer Tools
  • Network Performance Testing

as well as additional information and references contributed by the community.

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