ESnet perfSONAR Dashboard

Participating in ESnet Performance Testing

ESnet maintains an instance of the "Maddash" dashboard software for performance testing between DOE facilities, and ESnet points of presence.  We also encourage interested parties to contact us regarding site-to-site testing opportunities.  If a site would like to establish performance testing with ESnet, please follow these guidelines. 

Install and Configure the perfSONAR Toolkit

Visit for information on how to download, install, and configure the perfSONAR toolkit.  In particular make sure that the following steps are followed:

  • The "Administrative Information" has been filled out
  • The throughput/latency services are enabled (N.B. if you are using two nodes, please send both addresses)
  • All ports that are required for operation are not blocked by the host or site firewalls
  • The host has been updated with the latest software

Contact ESnet for Dashboard Addition

Send a mail to requesting that your node be added to the dashboard.  Please provide the hostname/address of nodes you would like us to test against.

Evaluate Test Results

After the node has been added, it will take several days to establish bandwidth, latency, and loss patterns.  We will work with you to interpret this data and may suggest changes based on the outcomes:

  • Modification of host tuning parameters
  • Modification of testing parameters (e.g. longer or shorter tests, performed more or less often)
  • Suggestions on network architecture and host placement
  • Suggestions on hardware upgrades

Additional Information

For those interested in installing and configuring a personalized dashboard, please visit