Globus Quick Start for Systems Administrators

The package to add a host as a Globus Endpoint is called 'Globus connect Server'

To install this package (assuming a RHEL version 6+ system - see the web site for information on other Linux varieties), do:

$ sudo curl -LOs
$ sudo rpm --import
$ sudo yum install yum-plugin-priorities
$ sudo yum install globus-connect-server

More information is available here.

Using the Command Line Interface

There are two methods for using the Globus CLI:

  • A hosted legacy method that will be gradually phased out
  • A local option that enables access to globus functionality

Hosted Legacy Operation

In order to use the Globus Command Line Interface (CLI), you must add your SSH public key (typically found in $HOME/.ssh/  to your Globus account.

Select ‘My Account’ from the ‘Go To’ drop down box in the top bar.
Click the ‘Manage Identities’ link in the left column, then click on ‘Add SSH Public Key’.
Paste the contents of your SSH public key into the ‘SSH Public Key’ field (you can optionally enter any name you like in the ‘Alias’ field) and click on ‘Add SSH Key’. It will take a minute or two for the SSH key to become active for use.

You can now log in to the CLI by typing:

 ssh <your-globusonline-username>

at a command prompt. This logs you into a restricted shell where you can execute only Globus commands. Type ‘help’ to see all available commands, and ‘help <command-name>‘ or ‘<command-name> -help‘ for help on a specific command. There is also a ‘man’ page for each command accessed as ‘<man <command-name>‘. For more information on the command line interface, you can refer to the Globus CLI documentation.

 Local Globus Shell

With the latest iteration of the Globus Connect Server package there is now a local “globus” command that is used instead of hosted version that requires using ssh to connect to

Using a bash shell, run:

 $globus login

As in the previous example, you now have access to a limited shell that can execute a number of globus commands.  For further information on the command line interface, you can refer to the Globus CLI Command Reference.