perfSONAR Hardware Recommendations

perfSONAR Hardware Guide

We recommend using a dedicated host for perfSONAR. Its much easier to install, and some perfSONAR tests are perturbed by other processes running on the host.

The perfSONAR community maintains a hardware page as part of the perfSONAR web site.  This page also includes information about installing perfSONAR in a VM environment. Note that running throughput tests on a VM is not recommended, as the results can be quite unstable.

You can deploy perfSONAR nodes with either 1 or 10 Gbps NICs. 1 Gbps is quite useful for troubleshooting, even in a 10Gbps network. But if you want to confirm your 10G network can achieve speeds over 1G, you should use a 10G NIC in your perfSONAR host.

Older Intel 10G NICs should probably be avoided, for reasons described in this paper. Newer Intel NICs such as the X520 should be fine. Older Broadcom NICs should be avoided.

If you want to build a 40G perfSONAR node, see our "Data Transfer Node" recomendations as a starting point.

For more up-to-date hardware information, search the perfsonar-user email list archives.

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