Network Troubleshooting Tools

Network Measurement Tools

The easiest way to install the most up-to-date version of the most useful tools is from the Internet2 software repo as follows:

  rpm -hUv
yum -y install iperf iperf3 nuttcp bwctl owamp
Measurement Tool
bwctl schedules tests, one at a time (wrapper for iperf and nuttcp)
iperf /iperf3 measures end-to-end TCP/UDP performance
nuttcp measures end-to-end TCP/UDP performance
owamp measures latency, loss, and jitter
traceroute / scamper measures the network path and MTU
pathrate/pathload measures available bandwidth and capacity
UDPmon Network performance measurement tool
synack offers replacement ping for sites that block icmp

Network Testing Tools

Testing Tool
NDT/NPAD: Web100-based Network Test Tools provides testing for a wide range of network trouble-areas
tcpdump dumps all TCP header information for a specified source/destination
tcptrace formats tcpdump output for analysis using xplot