Wagging the Dog: Determining Network Requirements to Drive Modern Network Design

This webinar was presented on February 6th 2015, in collaboration with the Great Plains Network, Network Nebraska, OneNet, KanREN, MOREnet and the South Dakota Board of Regents for the ENCITE (ENhancing CyberInfrastructure by Training and Education) project.  Jason Zurawski from ESnet was the presenter for this webinar.

The ENCITE program is funded by NSF Grant number 1440774, and aims to improve knowledge, expertise and research cyberinfrastructure at campuses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota.


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Summary of the Webinar

The network functionality of a modern campus can be driven by a number of factors including cost, security, reliability, and upgradability.  There is a wealth of information available in an often untapped source: network users.  This talk will explore the concept of a “Network Requirements Review", where the driving forces are network users, network use cases, and scientific innovation.  Stakeholders describe ways the network is critical to their work, instead of asking for a raw capacity value.  The resulting design better fits the needs of all parties and critical to the process of supporting science.

Slides & Recording