perfSONAR and Network Monitoring

This webinar was presented on March 13th 2015, in collaboration with the Great Plains Network, Network Nebraska, OneNet, KanREN, MOREnet and the South Dakota Board of Regents for the ENCITE (ENhancing CyberInfrastructure by Training and Education) project.  Jason Zurawski from ESnet was the presenter for this webinar.

The ENCITE program is funded by NSF Grant number 1440774, and aims to improve knowledge, expertise and research cyberinfrastructure at campuses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota.


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Summary of the Webinar

Unprecedented upgrades to our nation’s communications infrastructure are ongoing, funded by parties such as NTIA and the NSF, and a new era of data intensive network use is expected to follow.  

A common, and well understood, observation is the “wizard gap”; the realization that non-power users of network infrastructure cannot take full advantage of capacity without understanding the nuances of the underlying technology.  One of the primary arguments around this observation is that end-to-end performance of applications (be they video transmission, data movement, or remote instrument control) rely on protocols such as TCP, and must traverse networks that are not optimized for advanced use cases.  

Knowing the end-to-end performance of a network is critical to support innovative network use.  The perfSONAR framework, an open source software package deployed on over 300 networks around the world, addresses this need by offering a complete view of network performance.  This talk will discuss perfSONAR, ways it has helped support the scientific community, and future deployment directions.

Slides & Recording