Ensuring Network Performance with perfSONAR


This tutorial was featured as a part of the SC13 Conference in Denver CO, and was given by ESnet's Jason Zurawski.  To recieve emails about this series, and other opportunities to learn about networking and science, subscribe to the ESnet fasterdata events list:

Summary of the Tutorial:

A key component to Super Computing is Super Networking. Scientific data sets continue to increase in number, size, and importance for numerous research and education (R&E) communities, and rely on networks to facilitate sharing. Solicitations, such as the NSFs CC-NIE, have recognized this; new paradigms in networking, increased capacities, and emphasis on monitoring were specifically mentioned as areas of potential funding. A users network experience must be reliable, free of architectural flaws, and physical limitations. Operational staffs are limited in the support they can deliver, normally within a domain; innovative tools are required to solve the end-to-end" performance problems that hamper network use. End users should be familiar with these tools; to protect their own interests and expectations, and to assist operations in debugging exercises. We will present an overview of network performance tools and techniques, focusing on the deployment of the pS-Performance Toolkit. This all-in-one, community developed, monitoring solution allows local control, while providing a global view of performance that will directly impact the use of networks. Goals include familiarizing attendees on ways these tools may aid in debugging networks, hosts, and applications, as well as the proper way to install and configure software for personal use.

Ensuring Network Performance with perfSONAR (23M zip of PDF): Jason Zurawski, November 2013