DTN Performance Testing

Quick Reference Guide for DTN performance testing

Start by confirming there is no packet loss. owping and nuttcp in UDP mode are both good ways to make sure the path is clean. Locate for nearby perfSONAR hosts to test to here.

owping -c 10000 -i .01
pscheduler task --tool nuttcp throughput --dest -i1 -u -b100M 
#reverse direction
pscheduler task --tool nuttcp throughput --source -i1 -u -b100M

All of these tests should report no packet loss before proceeding further.

Next try a TCP test with iperf3 to a well-known fast host that is nearby:

pscheduler task throughput --dest
#reverse direction
pscheduler task throughput --source

Your Science DMZ DTN should be able to get at least 8 Gbps TCP performance if everything is configured correctly.

Then try a GridFTP download test from the ESnet DTNs - for example:

globus-url-copy -vb -fast -p 4 file:///dev/null