Evaluating Network Performance

Evaluating Network Performance

Establishing perfSONAR tests between your facility and other remote locations is the first step to understanding end-to-end performance.  Once baselines are established ,and can be easily retrieved in graphical form, it is necessary to:

  • Understand the tool output
  • Compare against realities of the network path
  • Evaluate performance based on user expectations

The following sections discuss possible results from the measurement tools, offering plausible explanations for different kinds of results.  In many cases the perfSONAR tools will not report a "99% of capacity" number, even for tests that occur within a LAN environment.  This is due to many factors including:

  • Type of test initiated
  • Duration of test
  • Settings of test tool
  • Network factors at the time of the test


XSEDE Webinar

ESnet was an invited speaker for an XSEDE Campus Champions Webinar on August 20th, 2014 to discuss perfSONAR, and evaulation of network performance.  The slides and a recording from that webinar can be downloaded below, or from the XSEDE Wiki