NSF Networking Cyberinfrastructure Documents

These documents relate to NSF's networking programs in the division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI).


In 2012 NSF began an effort called the International Research and Education Network Initiative (IREN) to globally develop and coordinate future strategy in international research and education networking. An early result of these efforts in 2013 was a short document, co-developed with the European Union, that provided a concise set of guiding principles for international networking.  Read More

Campus CI Plans

The following are representative campus cyberinfrastructure plans from universities around the U.S. Each plan was submitted as part of a 2013 proposal to National Science Foundation's Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Infrastructure, Innovation and Engineering (CC*IIE) program. These materials are provided as examples for universities and institutions looking to develop their own campus CI plans, strategies and architectures to support research, education, and discovery.  Read More