DTN Software

The following commands will install the tools we recommend for a Data Transfer Node. This includes some standard system tools, some perfSONAR tools, and GridFTP. The perfSONAR tools are quite useful for DTN performance tuning.

# make sure all rpm's are current 
yum clean all
yum update
# make sure some key system tools are installed
yum -y install traceroute lsb yum-utils net-tools ntp
# install perfSONAR tools to help with performance testing
rpm -hUv
yum -y install perfsonar-tools
# Install GridFTP client and server
rpm -hUv
yum -y install globus-data-management-client globus-data-management-server globus-xio-udt-driver
#configure tools to start at boot time
chkconfig globus-gridftp-server on